Being a Facilitator

An Access Consciousness Facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, though you may not have access to them. There are several license and certification types for Core Classes as well as Special Classes. Here you can see the core licenses.

What is a facilitator?

To facilitate means 'render easy' – to restore or bring back... with ease.

A facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, though you may not have access to them. The answers you have locked away are what keep you from being aware of any other possibilities or creating something different. Access Consciousness® restores you to the awareness of greater possibilities and more choice, for you and the creation of your life.

What is an Access Consciousness facilitator?

Each Access Consciousness facilitator is, themselves, facilitated by the creators of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. The Facilitators Certification Class is intense as each person is encouraged to see that creating great change in the world requires them to step up to a level of potency and being, that most people are unaware is even possible.

Access Consciousness facilitators are some of the bravest people in the world, for their willingness to destroy and un-create their past and begin to have 'what else is possible?' as their future. 

What could you facilitate, for you and the world, by being more of you than you’ve ever imagined possible?

Vídeo What is an Access Consciousness facilitator?

What license types are there?

There are several license types for Access Consciousness Core Classes as well as Specialty Programs and Special Topics.

Here you can see the core licenses:


Access Bars Facilitators are certified to offer Access Bars sessions to clients, family, and friends, host Gifting & Receiving events where people come and trade Access Bars sessions, facilitate introductory talks on Access Bars, teach the full one-day Access Bars class, as well as facilitate introductory classes based on various Access Consciousness books. Learn more.

Being an Access Bars Facilitator is one of the most valuable aspects and life changing processes Access Consciousness has to offer. Access Bars is the foundation of all of Access Consciousness and of becoming more conscious in every aspect of life with ease and little effort. If you can lay on a massage table and receive, you can change your life, it's that simple. Even if a person only gets their Bars run one time, eventually they will become totally conscious. Consciousness includes everything without judgment.

Can you imagine a world where no one judges themselves or others as right or wrong, good or bad, but rather has total allowance for themselves and everyone and everything? How different would this world be if there was no value in judgment but rather the value was in people being present, being themselves, knowing what is true for them and having a life of ease, joy and glory. This is just some of what you can get when you have your Bars run or run someone else's Bars.



Certified Facilitators are certified for one year to facilitate The Foundation classes, Access Bars classes, Access Tasters, Access Bars Gifting & Receiving, and any classes they create on a specific subject with permission from Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer.

A Certified Facilitator also qualify to become certified in Right Recovery For You, Right Relationship For You, Right Body For You, Right Riches For You and Right Voice For You. All of which are also renewed on a yearly basis.

Because Access Consciousness is constantly evolving as new insights are gained, clearings deepen and more becomes possible from everyone's participation around the world, it is vital that the facilitators renew their license each year and keep totally up to date.

A Certified Facilitator is in the unique position to offer a totally different perspective and possibility in life. Access Consciousness is different, this requires you to be willing to be as different as you truly are, without having a point of view about it.



There are three types of Access Body Facilitators – the Access Body Process Facilitator, The Access Facelift Facilitator and the 3-day Body Class Facilitator.

Access Body Process Facilitator (BPF)

Access Body Process Facilitators can facilitate single or double Body Process Classes as well as offer private sessions as a practitioner.

Access Facelift Facilitator (AFF)

Access Facelift Facilitators can teach the Access Energetic Facelift™ class as well as offer private sessions as a practitioner.

Access 3-day Body Class Facilitator (BodyCF)

Access 3-day Body Class Facilitators facilitate the full Access 3-day Body Class in which the Access Body manual with all 50+ body processes is handed out and participants spend 3 days gifting and receiving whichever body processes their bodies are requesting. The 3-day Body Class Facilitator has an intimate knowledge of ALL the Access Consciousness body processes and will assist participants with running the processes, answer questions and do verbal processing on whatever comes up in class.