Katherine Oster

Katherine Oster

Katherine Oster

Hello Beautiful YOU, Thank-you for visiting my page!!

When I stumbled across access in 2013 I had no idea what I was looking for..... I knew I wanted something different…. I knew there had to be something greater out there!!  

I lost 2 very important people in my life.  My father in-law passed suddenly in February 2013. Our daughter Helena was born on March 1, 2013, followed by the passing of my Grandma on March 4, 2013.   

I found Glenyce Hughes and “Access Bars” kept catching my eye on her website.  I received my first bars session in October 2013………. WOW!! The sense of relief, ease and happiness I had was AMAZING!! I wanted MORE!!

I started “Playing” with the tools of Access Consciousness in 2014, taking my first “5 days to change your life” (Bars and Foundation Class) in November 2014.  I haven’t looked back since!! WooHoo!! I have changed EVERY area of my life in just afew years.  I am so grateful for the tools of Access, for Gary & Dain and all of the awesome people I get to create and play with.  

Life has become an Adventure thats more than worth living for me……. Are you looking for a little adventure??

For MORE ease, MORE Joy and MORE Glory??

If that’s a YES, Lets play!!

I wonder what else is possible you have never considered before?!

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“Live the Life you LOVE & LOVE the Life you Live”

- Katherine Oster