Fena Wijaya

Fena Wijaya

Hai.. My name is Fena, living in Indonesia.

What can I tell you about me ???  
Many years ago, I spent a lof of my life thingking I was wrong.  I'm seeking the answer for me and my clients to "fix" somethings...  From one to others classes, to other modalities.   Something changes yes little, and sometimes others issue came for me to "fix" it.

I know somehow, that life is not about fixing something.  Then I found what the tools of Access Consciousness, which is empowering me and I become more of me.  This tools really works for me when I choose it.  The anxiety, worry, fear, I once struggled with has faded away and miraculous starts to shows up.....  I am now truly living a life I love more and more. 

I'm so deeply grateful for Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer and others facilitators, this amazing tools, this awareness truly big contributions for me, for a lot of peoples and for this planet.

Today, I do a much larger variety of things and every day is different. This is so much more fun for me. I offer some classes or private sessions to empower others to find the joyful live they have been seeking... and wonder what else is possible ??

I want you to know that I dont have all the answers.  What I do have are questions. You already know everything you need to know.  You may have just not been asked the questions to get you there.  I'm not interested in "fixing" you or telling you what's wrong with you.. Iam much more excited about helping you see what's right about  you and building on it.

My greatest desires is for you to find enthusiasm and joy for living that is so much more available than you might realize. I look forward to meeting you.


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