Right Recovery for You Introduction

Do you or anyone you know suffer from an addiction or compulsive behavior?

Do you find yourself or know someone who’s always fixing other people’s problems, eating or drinking, or spending too much?

Have you or someone you know ever used sex, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, illness, victimization or perfectionism to avoid being you or themselves?

It seems that everywhere I look, people are losing themselves and their ability to enjoy life. What if there were an easy way to clear the blocks that prevent you or someone you care about from having a phenomenal life?

Right Recovery For You offers tools and techniques to eliminate compulsive behaviors, overcome any addiction and have more joy, more possibilities and more choice in life.

Come find out what makes Right Recovery For You different and unique. This is an opportunity to ask any and all questions about addiction, compulsive behaviors, and recovery, whether for self, family members, or current or potential clients.

Each class evolves through the questions and comments of participants in an atmosphere of allowance and openness. Each person’s energy contributes to the whole.

Please come and join us!


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