Dattatreya Khanolkar

Dattatreya Khanolkar

Hello! I am so excited that you are here, thank you for coming! Now let me give you a sneak peek into my world-

Since the time I was little, I knew there was a possibility of something different, a world that was different from the one I lived in. When kids my age were buying the latest toys or were checking out the latest girl in town I was the weirdo that sat in the mind, body and spirit section of a book store. I am guilty to have been a spiritual junkie tried a host of various things, of course, some things worked and some did not.

In 2015 one dear friend of mine told me that there was something called "Access Bars" where someone would touch your head and there is a possibility for your life to change and I remember having laughed so hard. Little did I know what I was in for. The last couple of years have been the most generative, magical expansive years of my life filled with infinite possibilities and world travel. I live a far more empowered happier life than most of the people I know. Nowadays, every single day of mine starts with the knowing that the Universe has my back. I know that I am the source of all of my life's creation and that my choices create.  

Whoever you may be, whatever your story may have been, I just want to let you know that there is a world that is waiting for you that is filled with ease joy and glory and all it takes for you to do is CHOOSE IT!

The tools that are available with Access Consciousness are the fastest, easiest, weirdest and the wackiest way for you to change anything, yes you heard me ANYTHING! 

I enjoy being the energy for people to choose a greater reality. I am an Access Consciousness Certified facilitator, I absolutely enjoy facilitating the Bars and the Foundation classes, I also conduct classes on specialty topics like money, creation, etc. I offer personal facilitation where people can choose from a host of sessions including Access Bars, Body Processes, Body whispering, Energetic synthesis of structural embodiment (ESSE), Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions.

Do feel free to connect with me on +919886829844 or on dattatreya.sk@gmail.com .

As someone I absolutely adore (you guessed right, Dr.Dain) says, 

Hope to see you soon in person!wink



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