Ruth Bartleet

Ruth Bartleet

By the time I came across Access Consciousness in 2008, I'd spent my life engaging with the world with energy, enjoying brilliance wherever it showed up and looking for something much, much greater. 

I learned Access Bars in 2010 and I'll never forget the moment my first Bars session ended and I came to with the universe present with me and it showing me that this is what I required and required a lot of.  It was unmistakeable and beautiful.
And totally on point!

In the years since then, my world has become greater and greater and my capacities have become greater too.
Depression & anxiety changing like nothing else had allowed, no longer attracted to abusive people, laughing more, sex drive returned and much easier to be with people.

My love of questions is finely tuned with Access Consciousness and the magic of being alive in tune with everything cascades through my body, my life and living.

So, would you dare to allow yourself to know what kind of life would truly work for you?

Would you plunge into the possibilities that are waiting for you to ask for them?

What can you gift your body that will light it up and delight it, give it pleasure?

What if your entire body & being rippled with the glory & gratitude of being alive?

Is that even possible?

I'm aware of one such possibility...trying this out and seeing just how phenomenal life with this great planet could be like for you.

What are the infinite possibilities for you?

I began with an Access Bars class.  How about you?

I very much look forward to meeting you in person or online someday,


Ruth Bartleet
07779 048 043

I offer Access Bars, Abuse Hold Energetic Facelift & Access Body Process sessions in the Bristol & Bath area, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire & London. 
Also sessions online. 
And I'm happy to travel to show groups how to run Access Bars in sessions and the Access Energetic Facelift sessions and the Body Process Sessions.

I have classes on money, being you, business, communication as well.

I also offer coaching sessions for a range of things, including relationships, money, business, increasing awareness & expanding capacities.  

There is a VIP service I provide, using the tools of Access Consciousness, and a process I have been using for about 10 years that makes it really easy to have things different in whichever area you'd like.  It works like magic.

In short, if you're curious about what's possible...we have several avenues.



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“"Consciousness has a way of dropping miracles into the laps of those creating a future."”

- Gary Douglas





欢迎参加这个Access Consciousness的入门课程,用4个简单的工具,就可以让创造快乐成为您每天的实相!

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ACCESS BARS心理健康意识免费诊所

在9月份,为支持世界防止自杀意识月,Access Bars®导师和执行师们将在世界各地举办活动,并为寻求其他可能性或希望之光的人敞开大门, 来接收一次免费的Bars个案。