Viv Adcock

Viv Adcock

  What if there is nothing wrong with you? EVER?!  EVER?!?!?!......  EVER?!?!

If you stopped trying to fix what you have decided is wrong about you- and headed instead of the direction of what's right about you that you are not getting- would that change your life? 



Have you seen the movie The Matrix? Do you remember the part where Neo meets Morpheus for the first time and he offers him the blue pill(to go back to the life he knew) or the red pill ( that would blow all his beliefs and paradigms of what he was capable of and whats possible?)...well Access is the red pill for me...and I'm stoked I took it!!

Have you always known there HAS to be more to life? 

For MANY many years I wrestled with feeling I was not good enough- that there was something inherently wrong with me- no matter how much I gave, how much I did or the success I had- I judged ceaselessly that I was not enough.  With this point of view about me so engrained, I created abusive friendships and relationships, where I swung between giving myself up for them and then fighting to have me . (Not my brightest choice!).  

My true nature is that I am a possibilitarian- a seeker who does not give up - despite my crappy choices!

I KNEW there had to be more to life than what I was currently having. 

So I learnt and became involved with a vast array of natural therapies for over 20 years and searched and experimented with many modalities and philosophies, in the vain hope they would "fix me". NONE of them did!!

I energetically invited Access Consciousness into my life, after yelling at the Universe one depserate night .....

I discovered the Bars and received a session .... EVERYTHING changed...

I then attended A Bars class and two days later I woke up with a voice in my head saying " You are going to become an Access Facilitator and take this to the World". I had never been so certain about anything in my entire life.

NOTHING comes close to the ease, lightness and fun that I experience with using the Access tools. 

I apply the Access tools to all that I already do in my clinic and have been stunned by the rapidity and immediate change this allows for my clients and it is truly empowering them to choose for themselves.Their knowing and other hidden talents surface, they are happier and at ease with who they are. Instead of constantly looking at the wrongness of themselves, they now ask "whats right about me that I'm not getting?". The magic starts to show up the more they ask the question...

 Now I travel the world facilitating a plethora of classes- Money Isn't The Problem You Are, Salon Des Femmes, Talk To The Animals, Prosperity Consciousness, Being You Adventures and the Core Classes of Access- Bars and Foundation along with my insatiable desire to share the tools, scatter seeds of possibilities and empower people to know that they know.

What would it be like if you got paid to do what you love? 

How does it get any better than this?

Just sayin'!


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“Are you willing to acknowledge the Greatness of you today?”

- Chutisa Bowman