Naomi Harel

Naomi Harel

Hello Magical Being-

What would it take to truly enjoy your life and create the future you've always desired? If that's how you're living your life already, can you imagine it getting even better? And if not, do you still believe that's even possible to have a life you really are enjoying? Yes, even in times such as these, it is. The tools of Access Consciousness made a tremendous difference for me when I started using them in 2020. If you're ready to live the reality that you've always known is possible, these tools can make a difference for you too. Let's get you started!

There's a huge and growing body of work showing how Access Bars helps people sleep better, can lessen depression and help cut the time required for therapy in half. Are you looking for a Bars session or class? Everyone experiences it differently. The best case scenario is your life changes, and in the worst case scenario, you will feel more relaxed, like after a massage.

As a Body Processes Facilitator, I've learned the amazing Access Facelift process which helps release the energy of aging and restore youthfulness. I'm also happy to offer the process that addresses the side effects of covid shots, or any of the other amazing body processes that your body may be asking for during a session.

I love facilitating for people and animals. Do you know that the body processes are wonderful for animals too?

I'm fascinated with the subconscious mind and tapping into the power of change that exists within all of us. The Access tools, Bars and Body Processes, and Symphony of Possibility sessions are so incredible and simple for making the changes you desire happen quickly. 

Are you ready to learn the Bars or continue with your next Bars class to become a facilitator yourself? Are you ready for The Foundation class, three and a half days of releaseing the limitations of your old reality and bulding your new reality? Or learn a specific body process? Or would you like to attend a Bars Gifting and Recieving where you can trade Bars and maybe also learn about the latest and potent Access clearings that as a Certified Facilitator I make it my business to stay on top of? If you don't see the class or Bars trade you're looking for scheduled yet, please feel free to contact me with dates that work for you, and we'll get it scheduled!

If you're using the contact form here to send me a message, *please check your spam folder* if you don't see my reply in 24-48 hrs! Also I take weekends off if I don't have a class scheduled. If it's a weekend, please look for my reply on Monday. You can also call or text 336-701-0177, and I respond during my work hours. If you're ready to book a session here is the link to my online schedule, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what amazing new possibilities can be created for you.

Other Certifications-

Animal Communication

ThetaHealing(tm) Certificate of Science, Master Instructor 

Certified Love Attraction Coach(tm)

Law of Attraction Coach

Crystal Remote Viewing for Past Lives

B. A., Psychology, Indiana University

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“When Nothing is Certain, Everything is Possible”

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