Percy van den Berg

Percy van den Berg

In 2016 I made a choice to change my life.

I didn’t know what it would look like or how it would show up.

But by making the choice to create a different reality for myself, everything changed!


I was willing to let go of everything and let the doors full of possibilities open up to me.


I left the city job that I wasn’t happy in, I moved four hours away from my family, and I started a completely new job at a resort. Without knowing what was going to show up, I followed my awareness and stepped into the unknown. 


That’s when I came across Access Consciousness. They had booked a conference at the resort and as soon as I had my first interaction with them I called my partner and said “I found the reason why I’m here. It’s called Access Consciousness, they touch these points on your head and you just relax and things change”.


After I had my first Access Bars session I knew that I was about to embark on my greatest adventure yet.


My partner and I moved from South Africa to the Sunshine Coast of Australia and started to teach the Bars and tools of Access Consciousness to people who were willing to change their lives and create the ease and relaxation they were asking for. Now we travel around Australia spreading happiness and consciousness in classes, markets, and festivals.


So if you’ve ever felt that there is something else available to choose in your life…

That nagging feeling that there is something MORE… 

Please know that there is a world of possibilities waiting for you to explore!


Once you make the choice to create change and step into the unknown, you begin your greatest adventure yet!


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“What if today can be the day you choose something different ?”