The Access Specialty Classes are branches of Access Consciousness® where you can dive deeper

into a particular topic with facilitators who have specialized in particular areas.


Which ones are you looking for?

What if the journey to being you is the greatest adventure you will ever go on?

“Everything I ever learned, I learned from my horse.” – Gary Douglas

What if parenting could be fun? Maybe even easy?

If anything could be possible in business, what would you choose?

Pragmatic Psychology is about bringing psychology forward to what it truly is. The empowerment of people knowing that they know.

Wherever you are right now with your relationships, what if there is way more possible?

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

True recovery is the process of recovering all of us, and with that, all of the possibilities for ourselves and our lives.

What if your money worked for you instead of you working for money?

What would it be like to share your message and your voice with the world?

Do you desire an easy, effortless relationship with animals?

What if receiving from the spirit world is one of the greatest gifts possible?

What if, in having fun and joy with money, you could also receive more of it?

What if autism, OCD, ADD and ADHD are abilities?

Imagine a world where there was no judgment or shame attached to sex

Access Special Classes Overview

The beauty of the Access Consciousness tools is that they can be used to expand and create ease in any area of your life.