Maeva Tokoragi

Maeva Dolly Tokoragi

Maeva Tokoragi

Do you ever question what you can change in a situation? Ask questions, like where am I functioning from? Do I have beliefs from my parents, family, culture, and society? Do I have choices or am I meant to play certain roles?

If this sounds like you, join me for a POP (Party of Possibilities) for Global Foundation class with Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. 9-12 February, 2019. 

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I grew up being able to perceive energy fields.

When I attended my first Access class I realised that I had a natural talent for running the Bars. Seeing my first volunteer gave me such a positive feedback, I knew from that day that I would need to teach the Bars, Foundation and Level 1.

The Bars is the foundation of Access. Teaching the Bars is fun, transforming and orgasmic. Once you've experienced Bars, even if times are tough, you can manage to smile.

Would you like to live a life where things are easy? Where everything just flow to you!

Touching particular Bars points will go straight to the point of creation of the problem, and then dissolve it, which means you can let go of everything that is not working for YOU!

The awareness that is available to me through question, now allows magic and possibilities to be an everyday occurrence.

The ease in my relationships with family, friends and in my career is only a question away.

We create our life through the way we think, so are you willing to receive everything the universe has to offer with TOTAL ease, Joy and GLORY?

What would you create and generate different, to not feel like a victim and have total ease with who you are?

What if we are the rare percentage of the population that are here to contribute, create and generate different? What would a life of total ease be like for you?

In my evolution of question and choice,( no matter what I choose) materializes in the most unimaginable and incredible way.

I live my life in the question. As a result of those questions my life journey continues to surprise and amaze me.

What would it be like to look at your life and living with gratitude? While asking - how did I get so lucky? How does it get any better than this? Living in the question will expand your life, to have more of YOU!

What are you waiting for?

What if everything you always knew was possible was just a question away?

As a Certified Facilitator (CF) - I offer private sessions, host Bars Gifting & Receiving, facilitate The Bars class, Foundation class, Level-One class, introductions, Right body for you half-day body-work and classes of my own design , as Business, and speciality classes relating to Animals, Relationship, Children, Parenting and much more.

Welcome to the life and living of YOUR choice!

Mobile: 0407901918
Phone: 02 91813188

What contribution can we be to each other, consciousness and the planet?

Tous les pouvoirs de guerison sont en toi .Je ne peux que t'aider a les retrouver Richard BACH.

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