Talia Frenkel

Talia Frenkel

Have you always known there’s more than this reality?
Are you a seeker of something greater?
Well, I am

Hi, I’m Talia Frenkel and I know there’s so much more possible that what we bought in this reality as limiting us. In my world, all of us and YOU are a miracle walking of magnitude with infinite possibilities! How would your life look like if you were functioning from this knowing every day? 

I'm grateful for my life, for life in general and for you, focused on reminding everyone who’s willing – who they are, who YOU are - infinite beings, magical, miraculous, potent with total choice and freedom.

In the past, it was very different for me. I was miserable, unhappy, in a constant state of survival and difficulty until I chose something completely different, cleared the limitations I was functioning from – and my life took a 180 degree shift. Everything changed.

So, I know change is possible. Always. And nothing is greater than YOU.

I’m Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF), Access Bars Facilitator (BF) & Body Process Facilitator (BPF). Founder & Creator of a specialty class: “The Energetic Alchemy of Money” with the access amazing tools, allowing a total change in your finances and creation capacities. I’m also a healer. Reiki Master Teacher of all types, Theta-Healing senior facilitator, a curious seeker, a true believer.

I started years ago with a BA in Economics & MBA in Marketing, worked in Hi-Tech for many years until one day I chose to resign and devote my time to what makes me happy! Being the contribution I can be in the world, facilitating happiness for others, creating change in the world & reminding us who we are beyond our stories and this reality.

So, If now’s the time to choose something different for you, to allow ease and magic in any aspect of your life, feel free to contact me for what works for you, either a private remote session or hosting a class in your area (Foundation, Bars, Body process, The Energetic Alchemy of Money, clearity nights) and let’s see what we can create together.

With ease & magic

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