Moira Bramley

Moira Bramley

At the end of my second year training to be a psychotherapist I asked the question, "What's better and faster than this? Actually, what works?" (Psychotherapy spent too much time focusing on the problems, and then discovering new problems) I found Access Consciousness - it works fast!

We have been programmed into thinking we know who we are and what is true.  Do you make choices and behave in ways that are not always creating a rewarding, fulfilling life? Do you live a lot in thoughts feelings and emotions?

Are you interested in becoming aware of a totally different way of being and learning how to step into very different sets of possibilities than what you thought was possible for you?

Do you ever find yourself asking: Is this really it?  Is this all there is? 



I have the great privilege and honour of knowing Moira Bramley as a facilitator, mentor, & friend .. however she is so much more. To try and encapsulate the essence of Moira in a few words is nigh on impossible. I will be as succinct as I can be. Moira has the awareness, tools and techniques to facilitate you in a dynamic, non-judgemental way that empowers you to know what you know. She has a kindness, caring and generosity of spirit that is a rarity in today’s world. Her capacity to facilitate the body to heal, change and transform, using the Access Body Process techniques is amazing. Oh, and Moira runs a very, very dynamic set of Bars. If there is an area of your life you would like to change, I can highly recommend Moira as a Facilitator.

With much gratitude – Donna McKay, Qld, Australia

Moira Bramley has changed my life exponentially. She is a walking talking inspiration, who has a strong sense of herself. Moira has shown me what true generosity is...she desires for me (and anyone who chooses it) to create, have and be all I desire and facilitates me to be aware of any if's and but's I put in my way. She has a phenomenal capacity of perceiving limitations and has an outlook on life that I have not come across of the expansivness of possibilities.
Her life story and her choices are a constant gift in my life as it gets me to be honest with myself as what it is I truly desire to have my life be...and it isn't what I thought it was!!!!
Moira, I adore you and am soooooooooooo grateful to know you,

Viv Adcock

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