Moira Bramley

Moira Bramley

Do you ever get the feeling that something is fundamentally off in the world?  I mean beyond the evident issues like the dysfunctional economy, corrupt politics, wars, laws and the education system?  Something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you can sense it?  Do you ever find yourself asking, “Is this it? Is this the best life I can live?  Was all that wonder of possibilities as a child just my naive imagination?” 

I know I certainly did. 

I was born and raised in a small mining village in Scotland.  Growing up in poverty, not fitting into traditional school or my family, my sense of what was possible in the world and the reality of the world in which I was living were conflicting.  As early as the age of 2, I was aware of the isolation and loneliness in which people lived and I could sense the smallness of the village’s mentality.  Although it was projected at me that I was unintelligent, inferior and meant to settle for a small and insignificant life like everyone around me, I wanted more.  I was going to choose a greater life and I absolutely refused to stay poor. 

I married an entrepreneur, together we had two wonderful sons and built multi-million-dollar businesses.  Yet, in the midst of ‘success’ there was a gnawing lingering discontent.  I had acquired more wealth than most but still wanted more. 

In an attempt to understand myself, to get out of my own way and create a life that I truly desired, I trained as a psychotherapist, thinking that may give me some answers.  I used what I learned to change what behaviour I could but no matter how hard I worked, there were some things I could not seem to get to the root of.  I couldn’t grasp what was driving, motivating or stopping me.

My operative state was, “What do I need to look at next?” which led me to constantly finding new problems to fix hoping that eventually I would finally fill what seemed like a gaping hole in my being.  After many years of searching, I encountered Access Consciousness exactly when I was ready for it.  Access Consciousness, with its tools and processes, invited me to find out what was true for me.  I discovered that the possibilities that I always knew, or at least hoped were available, are available.  I learned that when I ask for those possibilities to show up, rather than putting my attention on fixing a problem, my life gets easier and far greater.  I have been and am discovering the art of living that goes beyond what most people could imagine is possible for us. 

What have you been seeking your whole life?  What have you always known or at least hoped was possible for the world? Whatever that may be and whatever has brought you to the place of exploring what Access Consciousness has to offer, please know that you are far more powerful and capable than you have ever imagined and you have the ability to transform all of your problems into possibilities. 

Are you ready to waken up to the childlike wonder of possibilities?  Is now the time to discover what is true for you?  Did you come here to pioneer a different reality? For Yourself and for the World? 

I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator as well as a Facilitator of Right Riches for You, Being You, 3-Day Body Class and X-men.  Are you ready to live your best life? What will you choose? 


I have the great privilege and honour of knowing Moira Bramley as a facilitator, mentor, & friend .. however she is so much more. To try and encapsulate the essence of Moira in a few words is nigh on impossible. I will be as succinct as I can be. Moira has the awareness, tools and techniques to facilitate you in a dynamic, non-judgemental way that empowers you to know what you know. She has a kindness, caring and generosity of spirit that is a rarity in today’s world. Her capacity to facilitate the body to heal, change and transform, using the Access Body Process techniques is amazing. Oh, and Moira runs a very, very dynamic set of Bars. If there is an area of your life you would like to change, I can highly recommend Moira as a Facilitator.

With much gratitude – Donna McKay, Qld, Australia

Moira Bramley has changed my life exponentially. She is a walking talking inspiration, who has a strong sense of herself. Moira has shown me what true generosity is...she desires for me (and anyone who chooses it) to create, have and be all I desire and facilitates me to be aware of any if's and but's I put in my way. She has a phenomenal capacity of perceiving limitations and has an outlook on life that I have not come across of the expansivness of possibilities.
Her life story and her choices are a constant gift in my life as it gets me to be honest with myself as what it is I truly desire to have my life be...and it isn't what I thought it was!!!!
Moira, I adore you and am soooooooooooo grateful to know you,

Viv Adcock

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