Fatma Albrecht

Fatma Albrecht

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

etwas über mich:

Ich war eine Frau, die alles in Ihrem Leben hatte was man sich nur wünschen kann und trotzdem war ich tief in mir unglücklich, fühlte mich leer und unverstanden.
Mein Leben erschien mir sinnlos und weit über 15 Jahre habe ich alle möglichen Methoden ausprobiert, die man sich nur vorstellen kann. Alles half für eine kurze Zeit und dann kam das Unglücklichsein zurück. Ich wollte nur noch sterben und als dies nicht geschah, bat ich um ein Wunder.

Ein Access Bars® Kurs und das Buch von Dr. Dain Heer, „Sei du Selbst und verändere die Welt“ veränderte schlagartig mein Leben.
Ich erkannte wie sich meine Energie veränderte und alles in meinem Leben leichter wurde.
Und ich wusste sofort, das ist es wonach ich solange gesucht habe.

Mittlerweile bin ich eine Access Consciousness Certified Facilitatorin. Reise durch die Welt und bin einfach nur glücklich und unendlich Dankbar für jeden Kurs den ich facilitieren darf und für all die Menschen, die dieses Geschenk empfangen.

und ja, wie wirds jetzt noch besser ?? :)))

In Freude
Fatma Albrecht


Are you willing to BE YOU?

I would like to invite you to a space beyond everything you know is possible.
A space that is full of infinite possibilities, a space where you can choose what ever you would like to have, do and be. A space where no judgment exists. A space beyond right and wrong and good and bad. A space where no problems, no pain, no suffering, no disease exists. A space of total ease and joy. A space of orgasmic being. What would it take for you to be the space of you?

How much have you refused to receive in your life? Probably everyone in your life has told you that the most important thing to do is to give. And now today i am telling you it is all about receiving. Are you confused? that’s fine. This is the moment when things start to change. You are opening up for a new way of being. Being the full potency of you.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like, what the energy of it would feel like to be a space beyond problems and sickness?
What would be possible for you and your life and how much would this contribute to the world?
What if the world is just waiting for you to be truly you?

I was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife a photographer and a therapist with all the up’s and down’s that I had chosen. I was a victim and an offender. I had tried everything I know was possible to change things in my life. I was sick and spend a year in bed crying and asking God to let me die. Till I realized through Access Consciousness and especially the Access Bars® that I had created all of this in my life and suddenly there was no-one to point my finger on to blame that my life was not working the way I had imagined it. I went to the question: what else is possible in my life and how much do I allow myself to receive me far beyond all limitations? Since then my life is changing in miraculous ways with total ease.

I am again traveling all around the world for classes and I am HAPPY

Being to classes of Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer truly changed my life and helped me to choose me and be me. How does it get any better than this?

If you are looking for joy and ease and peace in your life and if you are looking for possibilities beyond everything you know is possible please feel free to contact me.
I am delighted to create with you together a life that is worth living.

I offer Access Bars® classes and one to one sessions.
Access Body Process Classes and sessions

Foundation classes

SOP Sessions on Skype/phone or one to one

I am happy to play with you

Ease Joy and Glory

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