When the class was finished I went back to my hotel and sat in the dining room for dinner. There were a lot of retired people staying there and they all sat and talked about soccer, the news, human stuff every day all day. I was sitting in a booth by myself and asking what else is possible and the couple behind me had this conversation
Him:  "You know there are things in life I have never told you I wanted to do, are there things you wanted to do and never said'
Her: "Yes there are lots of things I would love to do"
Him: "We just  do the same stuff everyday. What else can we do to make our life fun?"
Her: "I don't know but it's time we found out"
Him: "Yes I am so excited to about this"
They were not even in the class! How does it get even better than that?

Danella Hesler

When I first heard about body classes I remember a moment of excitement followed by a thought "No I must sort out the rest of my life first- that body class looks like fun but how can playing with my body create my life?" Lol!
Ironically 6 months later I finally tried my first body class - I adore the classes and interestingly ... I have found them a dynamic way of creating my life with ease. .. Thank you Gary Douglas for Access Consciousness. .. Other than eating and breathing - running body processes and being in classes is one of my favorite things to do!

Dr. Ann McCoy

When I was a teenager, I decided that I was a burden to the planet and the environment. The more of these processes I run, the more I see that I can not only NOT be a detriment... but it is actually possible to BE a contribution... not through any of the means that I had bought were necessary to be green... but literally BEING a different energetic presence in the world. I didn't get that all the blame and shame and regret and guilt that I thought was part of being a good environmental steward were actually part of the pollution on the planet. The Access body classes are like the superfund cleanup site for all the emotional and mental toxic waste that I've contributed to in my body and on the planet...

Stephanie Richardson

"After attending ONE Advanced Body Class the first thing I was surprised at was how much Body Processes changed my very being. I always thought that it was separate. And yet the judgments I functioned from disappeared. And then I went to the SECOND Advanced Body Class and even greater changes showed up…. With my relationship, with my money flows. It definitely did not look like I thought it was going to. I am grateful."


"After Bars and Foundation I managed to stave off another allergic reaction to mascara using the molecular de-manifestation. My eye had begun to get very bloodshot, sore and irritable, but using the technique, the redness reduced, it didn't go to the usual stage of swelling and I was left with only mild discomfort. How does it get better than that!!! Maybe I can wear mascara after all!"

A.S., England