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Your Guide to Joining Us in Medellín, Colombia

Путешествие и транспорт


Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) formerly known as Rionegro Airport, is 29 km of the city of Medellin.

Options to get to the city centre from Medellín Jose Maria Cordova Airport are:

Taxi   Uber or taxi approximately USD $25 ($100,000 pesos)

Car Rental


The Colombian peso (COP) is the currency of Colombia. The official peso symbol is $, with Col$. also being used to distinguish it from other peso- and dollar-denominated currencies

Check current exchange rates at Xe Currency Exchange currency converter.

ATMs are available and credit cards are widely accepted. Credit cards with “plus” option allow cash withdrawal.

*For ease of payment, please let your credit card companies know where and when you will be traveling.


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Medellín's weather is often referred to being 'eternal spring'.
Average August High Temperature 28°C (79°F) Low Temperature 16°C (55°F).
August is in the rainy season, so expect a mix of sunshine, rain along with a bit of a breeze to cool the air.

Check the latest weather forecast here

What to Bring:
  • bring an umbrella (or light waterproof jacket, hat & boots if you prefer)

  • packing layers are always a great idea. Bring a light jacket or wrap for evening, also bring one to class for body temperature fluctuations

  • comfortable walking shoes to explore the sights, or shop

  • sunglasses, sunscreen and hat for sunny days outdoors

  • Colombia uses Type A and B plugs, so if you’re coming from a country with different outlets, you’ll need an adapter. 
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Место проведения класса

Hotel San Fernando Plaza

Cra. 42A # 1-15 El Poblado,
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

+ 57 604 444 53 53

Hotel San Fernando Plaza website


Hotel San Fernando Plaza

Cra. 42A # 1-15 El Poblado,
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

+ 57 604 444 53 53
For Access special rate* click here, and use promo code: CFP
*special rate valid until July 30, subject to availability

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About Medellín

Medellín lies along the Porce River at an elevation of 5,000 feet (1,500 metres) above sea level, in the steep, temperate Aburrá Valley. Due to its location, Medellín is known as the 'City of Eternal Spring' and flowers can be seen all year round.

With a wide industrial base that includes food processing, woodworking, metallurgy, automobiles, chemicals, and rubber products; it is known as “Colombia’s Manchester” because of its textile mills and clothing factories. Medellín has long been one of Colombia’s largest commercial centres of the coffee industry.

Shopping Malls
Centro Comercial El Tesoro 
Centro Comercial Santa Fe 
Centro Comercial Oviedo 


The Graffiti Tour 
Museo de Antioquia 
Plaza Botero
Parque Memorial Inflexion - memorial for Pablo Escobar's victims 

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