Diana Weinfurtova

Diana Weinfurtova


All my life, I have been a bit of an extreme. I 've been climbing high mountains, surfing big waves, runing ultramaratons, lived and worked in 3 different countries, pushing my life, body and bank account beyond limits, finding myself unhappy and stuck when things were not changing and moving forward.

The constant exploration and never ending change is what makes me feel alive.

I thought that somehow I am lucky for bumping into amazing people, getting incredible job offers, and getting randomly into awesome live situations. 


Until I found Access Bars I was making myself wrong for how unstable and constantly all over the place I am. 

Access Bars sessions and Access classes helped me to realize that in this actually lies my biggest power and potency.

And that the creative component of life is actually me not luck. 


Now I know that me being me, helps to put big projects and ideas into motion and connects people around the world in a fun way. 

My dream is that Access Bars technique becomes an accesible tool in any institution, company and school around the world, so people will get happier and won 't judge themselves for their differences. 


One more important thing to know about me is:

I 've always been, still am, and always will be a body freak, I love bodies, I've been working with them my whole life. I 've studied about them, and I am grateful for every new awareness and every new possibility with them.

I am very grateful for every client that chooses to create change with their body, and to be honest after I added Access Consciousness tools and Access body process energies into my life, the changes my clients are going through are amazing and much gerater than ever before! 

What if instead of constant search of what is wrong about you,  you could start cherrish what is amazing, magical and unique about you and your body? 

Will judging you and your body take you furter to achieve what you desire in life?  What if you could aknowledge that there is nothing to judge, and that everything can be changed? 

Would you like to know more, have a greater connection with your body, expand your business, uncover roadblocks that are stopping you from creating of what you desire? 

Find me around the world and book a live or online session with me. 

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“You have nothing to loose, except of your limitations!”