Chandana Bawa

Chandana Bawa

I am an international certified  Access Consciousness Facilitator , Maestro , Advanced Joy Of Business Facilitator , 3 Day Body Facilitator , Talk To The Entities Beginnings and Intermediate  Facilitator , Conscious Parents Conscious Kids 2 days Facilitator , Facelift Facilitator , Advanced How To Become Money Workbook Facilitator , an author of "Breaking Free From Pain Points" , an access Consciousness book. Seeking consciousness is something that I have been doing since I can remember. Just like you , I knew there had to be more to this reality than was being given to us.

Having done 4 years of Psychology in the hope of finding answers to my questions , I slowly started to believe in the labels and in the abnormalities of people . Yet , the question I always asked myself was , "what could they be if they weren't labelled as ----?"

When I bumped into Access Consciousness ,I had created quite a bit of crap in my life that had started to stink( lol ) .Strangely , how many of us do exactly that so we can step up ? How many of us make it wrong ? 

When I was asked a simple question by a facilitator  , " what's the value of this pain ?" I had this sensation of a mountain lifted off my head. Would anyone choose anything unless it had value attached to it ? That brought me to the awareness of the magic of choice and Since then it's been a joyous and adventurous journey  . 

In my sessions I started to integrate  the information from the medical opinions of psychology with the tools of Access Consciousness and have successfully managed to empower others to change their lives dramatically in areas of money , business , relationships , sex , health , abuse , addiction and more . I enjoy facilitating people to create greater in their lives through my classes and private sessions in person and through Skype. 
Having cured myself  of fibromyalgia by using the tools of access consciousness along with creating a fabulous business , I enjoy  sharing the magic of the tools with others. And guess what ? My psychic abilities and awareness often has others choosing to create far greater in their lives. I have clients telling me that my gentle and kind facilitation has indeed empowered them  to change their limitations to possibilities and has them creating possibilities from problems- the  only thing that stays the same is the alphabet P! By being the fun , kind and vulnerable energy with my clients has me stepping up and choosing greater for myself too . 
I live in the beautiful city of Delhi and am on an adventure with my loving and kind husband and our two beautiful girls . We look forward to outcreating each day with ease, joy and glory .


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When one makes a demand of yourself and makes a request of the universe to have it show up free of any limitation of how and when every molecule of the universe starts to shift to create that reality. The question is, Do you trust the universe?