ESSE Essence - Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) Essence

In ESSE Essence, you are really stepping into the energy ESSE is and creating with it in a different way. Being able to speak to the body with that energy and listening to what the body is actually asking for is the target of this 4 day class.

Let the body guide you to what is required. What is the essence of what you know about bodies? What is the essence of what you can be? What is the ability to be with bodies that you have not considered or chosen?

What if you left all the education you have about bodies at the door? And you function from what you know, not what you have learned about bodies?

In the two day class we get you to acknowledge that you are listening to the body. Now, that you have your hands in a spot, what truly comes next in this four day class? What are the bodies truly capable of and asking for?

ESSE is the connection that your molecules have to the other body’s molecules. And recognizing that when you truly connect to that you really start to change things. Honing in on THAT energy, and being that energy and changing the molecular structure is what this class is all about.

What if this is about what you be with the body regardless of where, or how you are touching? And what if no matter where you are touching the body it changes the totality of the body? Dain said that ESSE massages the ESC, the energy of communion into your structure, where it has never existed before in all of reality?



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