Being You

Building on Dr. Heer’s bestselling book Being You, Changing the World, these classes are exclusively facilitated by the author and features a method he has developed and continues to expand. Dr. Heer uses the tools of Access Consciousness® in combination with his unique transformational energy process called the Energetic Synthesis of Being. 

Please know, choosing to come to one of these events could radically change the way you function in the world! 


作为你,改变世界3.5天的事件是关于进入你的惊人的可能性和你在这里的礼物在世界上。基于戴恩·埃尔博士的书“作为你,改变世界”,Heer博士利用Access Consciousness的工具与他开发的独特的变换能量过程相结合,称为存在的能量综合。



Being You - The Beginning



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