Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson

Mine is not a story of despair, catastrophe, abuse or poverty. Mine is also not a story of wealth, glamour & abundance. Mine is a story of the average, the normal, the “lagom” as we would say in Swedish (which basically means not too much, and not too little but somewhere in between). Good grades in school but not excellent, family had money but not too much, beautiful but not model material, I was even in the middle of all tests at the doctors, eyesight, hearing, blood pressure…all in that wonderful sweet spot of “lagom”.

I was not sad but also not happy. I had nothing to complain about but at the same time that nagging feeling that something else must be possible made itself reminded from time to time, until one day I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

At the age of 25 I found the tools of Access Consciousness (actually I already found them at the age of 18 but was in total resistance of all that weird stuff my mum was doing..) and suddenly I knew, that nagging feeling was not just a feeling or a dream, it was a reality I finally realised could be created.

Fast forward to today, where my life is definitely not perfect but I am now actually LIVING it. With the tools of Access Consciousness I keep choosing and I keep discovering more of me and what is truly possible.

One of the things that makes my life wonderful is seeing other people choosing more of theirs. To realise that you are the creator of your reality can sometimes be harsh but it is also the greatest form of empowerment there is.

You my friend are a sleeping giant, there is so much more possible in you, for you, as you. What if all of the things you dream of are in your awareness because you have the capacity to create it?

All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy & Glory. Is now the time? Is now the space? Let’s play!


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