Danielle Varanda

Danielle Varanda

All I wanted in life was to understand the universe, that’s all.

I certainly did not understand this reality.

Is that anything that you can relate to?

So for years I molded, folded, bent and stapled myself to pretend to fit into this reality. Ouch! That was really uncomfortable! Where is the life manual that everyone else seemed to have and where do I get one?

So I was always in the wrongness of me and judged myself endlessly (before anyone else could). I judged everyone and everything else in order to make myself right and not so wrong.

Is that anything that you can relate to?

For years I searched for the answers, that I thought would be the answer, that if I had the right answer that I would have the answers to this reality! Not knowing that it was the question that was the key to the unlocking of me and would allow for infinite possibilities to show up in my life, my living and a different reality.

Knowing that there must be something in this universe that would give me the answers that I was searching for, I studied with several master teachers in the practices of feng shui, qi gong, shamanism and yoga and utilized many modalities in search of understanding the universe and to fix what was wrong with me. I was also looking for answers to fix the marriage, the alcohol addiction, the finances, the daughter who is mentally retarded and everything in my life that was not working.

At the point of giving up on myself, I made a demand of the universe for something different to show up in my life. It was soon after making the demand, that Access Consciousness™ was introduced to me (of course, I was extremely judgmental when I first heard about it, I mean after all I have studied with masters don’t you know!).

The first thing that I received (after hearing many clearings) was to use the tool of asking the question

How can things get better than this?

When I started using this, things began to change in my life and show up with ease. My first Bars class, I showed up at I did not even know what the hell it was about, I just recognized the energy matched what I was looking for in my life! At the Bars class I felt so light, joyous and more me (and giggled a lot) in that one class than from anything else I have ever experienced!

What started as choosing something to change my life, I recognized how this could be a contribution to other to change their lives.

Did you know that...Neuroscience has been researching Access Bars?!!

What are people saying about Danielle and her classes?

Danielle, I wanted to thank you for the awesome introduction to Access tools. It has already been life-changing. Just since the class I've cleared out trauma from a fall a couple days afterwards (landed hard on my knee and not even a bruise!), improved my energy despite still managing baby nights, and really stepped up my ease in inviting people to come to me as clients and/or spread the word with their friends. How does it get any better than this?

Joy and Blessings,
Michelle N.

Danielle is a rock star facilitator of magnetic potency and change!  Her individual sessions and classes are phenomenal and have truly contributed to a totally different exciting reality for me and so many others!  She facilitates with kindness, ease, joy, and so much caring and lightness.  Highly highly recommend!

Darlene H

Seattle, WA


Danielle is incredible. I have seen her for energy work and she is helping me in a different and lasting way (Spent over $6k in medical bills in the last year and a half.. I wish I could go back and spend that on seeing her instead!). If you struggle with injury/pain, negative thoughts, are going through a rough time or just want to add joy to your life, she is the one to see.
I know she also offers facials, foot detoxes, and many other remedies, which I'm positive would be wonderful and rejuvenating since she is such a kind, warm & nurturing person.

J. S.

Seattle, WA


I found Danielle and her incredible way of creating change at a time in my life when I didn't know how to do it.  She gave me tools that have helped the change come quicker & faster than with traditional therapy.  Check her out and the cool stuff she does.

Lisa G.

Seattle, WA


Danielle continues to change my life in every new session.  Always brings great ease in all new obstacles.  She is essential to me and my family.

Scott M.

Ellensberg, WA

What could you be and receive that is true for you that is beyond this?

What could you contribute to your life, your living and to the rest of the world?

What would you choose to receive:

  • Private session
  • Bars class
  • Clearing and Clarity Class
  • Foundation class
  • Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Class
  • Body Process Class
  • Energetic Facelift Class
  • Host a Class anywhere in the World!
  • or (E) everything!


The Creative Edge of Consciousness

Join our monthly deep dives into the latest and greatest topics and concepts with Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas, co-creator Dr. Dain Heer and business coordinator Simone Milasas.

This is undoubtedly the most irreverent, hilarious and unpredictable membership to date.

Each month includes a live teleclass on a hot topic and customized energetic clearings. Members also receive spontaneous gifts and surprises.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the Access Consciousness tools, or love to stay in the flow in between classes, this membership is an incredible way to always be “in the know” of what’s being explored.

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Here is a short video from one of the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider classes I facilitated where we did an energy pull with one of the Horses:



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What Are the Access Consciousness Bars?

“What if life was not a either or choice, functioning like Eeyore! What if you could have total choice and have it all? Danielle Varanda”