Linda Wasil

Linda Wasil

Hello and welcome to my page! 

Ever since starting Access, my life has expanded in so many ways that I didn't realize were possible. I'm more joyful, have more money, travel all over the world and have explored hidden capacities and talents - like writing. I'm a contributing author of four #1 International best-selling books and have authored, Beyond the Stigma of Abuse, which gives a unique perspective on abuse/trauma. 

What if anything would you like to change? Using these magical tools, anything is possible to change, such as:

- Anxiety/Depression

- Stress/Sleep difficulties

- Abuse/PTSD

- Money/Relationship challenges

- Physical issues/Aging

I'm available for sessions online, via phone or in person. I facilitate Bars classes, Bars sessions, body work sessions, facelift sessions and verbal clearing and coaching. I also enjoy working with animals and ghosts.

If you are new to the Bars, please contact me for a sample session.

I love to travel and would be open to coming to your area to facilitate classes. If you don't find a listing for a class - reach out and we can discuss what's possible. If you have any questions, please contact me at 650.400.6128 or

I look forward to hearing from you!

With gratitude,

- Linda


Testimonials from clients who have received private sessions from me or who have attended my classes.

This is my second time taking the Bars class and I learned so much from Linda's class. I appreciated the caring and kindness she showed me and my daughter. She brought humor and joy to the material and the day was so transformative. J.F., Massachusetts

With just one session with Linda my shoulder and back pain that I've been struggling with has disappeared. I'm much more relaxed in my body. Thank you so much!
S.S., San Francisco

I have much more clarity and ease in my life. I realize that I have a choice to change what's not working in my life and create something totally different. I'm no longer a victim and choose to generate more joy! What else is possible? J.W., New York

I realize that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. I'm not judging myself as much and I'm having way more fun! K.C., Colorado

This session was a real gift to myself. I feel like I started to come out of the places where I was in judgement of myself and see the lies that were holding that in place. M.T., France

A truly relaxing, blissful session. I'll be back for more! K.M., Los Angeles

My daughter went from the bottom of her class to the top! One day her teacher ran out to my car and asked me what was new that I was trying. I told her about the bars and body work and she encouraged me to keep the sessions going. Now, my daughter feels so much more confident with her schoolwork and around the kids in class. I can't thank Linda enough! As a wife and mother, I'm thrilled! T.G., Colorado

What else is possible?
What are the infinite possibilities for your life?


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Access Bars® sind der Kern und die Grundlage von Access Consciousness. Sie können der Beginn eines großartigen Abenteuers sein, etwas, das du deinem Leben zufügst und das dir hilft, mehr Leichtigkeit in allen Dingen zu kreieren. Die Bars® sind 32 spezifische Punkte am Kopf, die in Beziehung zu unterschiedlichen Bereichen und Aspekten des Lebens stehen. Wenn Du einen der Barspunkte berührst, ist diese Berührung ausreichend, um die Energie, die in diesem Bereich oder Aspekt deines Lebens eingeschlossen ist, freizusetzen.