Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva

What is Access Bars? I get asked this question a lot.

Access Bars is a gentle treatment suitable for anyone who is experiencing stress, burnout or overwhelm. Mums and dads, professionals, businesspeople, students, moody, anxious teens, children, and everyone seeking peace of mind will benefit from the Bars.

During the Bars session, you lie on a massage table while a practitioner lightly touches 32 points on your head. This creates such a deep sense of relaxation that many of my clients fall asleep.

Afterward, they have a sense of wellbeing that lasts between 2-3 weeks. Often the things that used to trigger them become easier to deal with.

Access Bars reduces the symptoms of burnout, stress, PTSD, a busy mind, depression and anxiety. This is based on research.

For me, I become more joyful and energised after Bars. My head gets clearer, I am happier and excited to be alive once more.

I came across Access Bars in 2006 while researching alternative healing methods and modalities. This was a low point in my life. My young son had been diagnosed with a chronic illness and I just knew there had to be a different possibility.

At the time I was a busy mum with a great job, a young family, and part-time study. I also judged myself harshly for not doing enough. As for my mental wellbeing, let's say I wasn't a bundle of laughs!

After having my Bars run, I immediately noticed more peace in my world.

Having tried many ways to find peace, I admit to being skeptical. But there was something different about the Bars...So, I started going to Access classes and every time I got happier and my life expanded.

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic method and means and modality for you to study what’s going to make things simpler in your life.

It empowers you to know that you know. 

If you use the tools of Access, your life will be different because the possibilities are truly endless.

So, if you're intrigued, please get in touch. I would be delighted to run your Bars, invite you to a class, or answer your questions. 

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