Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva

Are you happy with the person in the mirror?

Or do you avoid looking too closely because all you see are the imperfections, judgements, and failures?

Prior to using the tools of Access Consciousness, I was my worst critic.

Access Bars and these amazing tools have shown me a different outlook on life and that it's ok to like and trust myself.

Around 18 years ago I came across Access Bars because my young son had been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Despite following all the medical advice, he had setbacks and relapses. It was difficult. As a mum, I felt my priority was to ensure his happiness and wellbeing.

Somehow I knew there had to be a different possibility for him and his body, so I began researching alternative healing modalities. One day I heard Mr Gary Douglas, the founder, talk about Access Bars in an interview. 

The Bars seemed weird and esoteric but also rather fascinating...

What are the 32 Access Bars?

Access Bars is a pragmatic energetic technique that can change any area of life by dissipating past thoughts, feelings and emotions about everyday worries like health, body, money, relationships, aging and sexuality. For people with busy heads, Bars can create a sense of space, peacefulness and clarity.

Does it really work?

The short answer is yes! A side effect of learning the Bars is you become happier and your energetic capacities and abilities expand.​ There are still ups and downs in life, but you have the tools for different situations. Very often, magic can show up in unpredictable ways if you ask and are willing to receive more.

What have you been seeking your whole life and not yet found?

Can I contribute to you having more ease? Would you enjoy a Bars Session with me? Please reach out as I would love to meet you or have a chat!


I was a bit sceptical at first. This has been my 2nd (Bars) treatment. The feeling of relaxation and clear mind to carry you through is on another level.
My life is busy and having a ‘Bars treatment’ (by Nicola) it really does give you a real sense of peace.
Clear the mind, clear the space, 90 minutes of you being rejuvenated. Why not!. 
Brian B


Nicola was so welcoming and took the time to explain the process.
The experience was amazing. Highly recommend if you need to shift trapped energy and open the path to clearer thoughts.
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“Being a lady is about choosing to be everything you are.”

- Gary M Douglas