Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva

What is Access Bars? People sometimes ask me. What actually happens?

Lightly touching these 32 points on your head induces a deep sense of relaxation and many people fall asleep during the Bars session. Afterward, they feel less stressed, more creative, and their mental wellbeing improves. 

Access Bars has been shown to reduce stress and the effects of depression and anxiety, based on research.

You will also feel more energized and clear in the head. Crankiness goes away, leaving you much happier. 

In 2006, I came across Access Bars while researching alternative healing methods and modalities.

My young son had been diagnosed with a chronic illness and I just knew there had to be a different possibility.

Little did I realize that Access Bars would transform MY entire life.

Outwardly, I was a busy mum with a great job and part-time study. Inside I was silently screaming―unhappy and highly stressed.

Perhaps you are like be too. Have you tried many different things like praying, meditating, visualising, affirming, yoga, spiritual study, and psychic development classes? I had read self-help books and embraced my dark side, to little avail.

Access doesn't make any promises or offer any answers, but I noticed more peace in my world after the Bars.

Every Access class I went to left me happier. My life expanded in mysterious and magical ways. I began to like myself better!

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic method and means and modality for you to study what’s going to make things simpler in your life.

Everything that doesn't work for you in life can be changed by YOUR choices. This was a huge revelation for me.

Access empowers you to know that you are the expert on YOU.

You also receive a bunch of tools to change what isn't working for you. Every tool is so simple, even little children can use them.

So, if you’ve always known something different and quite wonderful is possible, I invite you to get in touch.

I would be delighted to run your Bars, invite you to a class and answer your questions.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

What if nothing that you have been and done is wrong and there is always more to discover and a greater way of being in the world?

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“Literally, infinite possibility is our stock-in-trade. We, as beings, have infinite possibilities but we keep acting like that’s not a possibility.”

- Gary M Douglas