The Being You Adventure classes are facilitated by a group of Being You Certified Facilitators, trained by Dr. Dain Heer. The classes are based on the ‘Being You, Changing the World’ book by Dr. Dain Heer and the tools of Access Consciousness.

Would you like to get to know some of the amazing Being You facilitators from around the world? Find out what being you means to them, what being them while facilitating has changed for them in different areas of life and living – how being you is really all that's required to change the world.


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JONAS | What have you been striving for?




ANTHONY | Finding happiness after trauma




“All my life I have known that there is something else possible. Am from family, where was a lot of emotional abuse, and hard work, judgments and surviving. Soviet time, cultural defendings, fightings and constant fear for the future, fighting for your life. 

In all of this I have always know that it can not be the only possibility for creating life and being alive?

Thank God, I had like pin in my ass this knowing and ache of dissatification, what made me move always to choose something different, not the smart way, but different. Jumped often in to water without knowing what will happen. Have always got huge judgment from my family for the difference I be and I made myself wrong for that for very long time, fighting against that. So I was very good doing that silently, I have grown my muscle to always be strong no matter what. 

At some point in my life I made very significant somebody’s point of view, that I am not enough feminine. Had too much power and too much leading capacities, control and my body has muscles and big bones and didn’t like sex. I just knew that one day I will be OK and everything will turn out great…

So there started 10 years of fixing myself to be more feminine. I did again great work with all my potency and power, and I managed it, to be the standard feminine woman in relationship. Just some thousands of books and courses, theraphies and so. OMG you can imagine what a power to do it with smile in my face, the same time suffering to death to be who I be not really.   

Up to the moment I read first chapter of BEING YOU  book and cried almost after every page of gratitude… Thought “I am home now, nothing else is required, just that book”… then met Dain, in Malmö 2012 after ESC I was on the floor and crying and he told the sentence first time and it hit me to the center of me, BIG BANG. *There is nothing wrong with you darling, never have been and never will be”. First time ever somebody was in TOTAL allowance with me who ever I be.

Just that sentence, I could breathe freely and be me. ONE SECOND just being there for me and saying that, changed my whole life for ever. It is nothing wrong with me. I am just sooo different, and everybody is so different. There is nobody like anybody truly. 

When I look back. How much power and potency I have  to create all that? OMFG!! And how much awareness there was and is? And the being, who I be, truly have never given up, to create different world? I am sooo grateful for me that I have been that. And I know that if I can be me and the change is possible, everybody can be them. And we can be that  for each other like Dain was for me. With total allowance and caring always, never giving up being there for me and us.

Hard ones: "Your wrongness is your strongness", Gary told. Yes I have made myself wrong for my strongness – and now that is my biggest strongness ever where I be strong by being me with total trust, allowance and vulnerability with everything and everybody. And I just be me :D just without any significance… and I see and experience how much and fast that changes the world around me everywhere I faclitate, go , talk to, create something. And that was one sentence Dain told me and be – just second of time. 

I know that being me, who I truly be for me, and and being that space for others, can change the world. And it is really easy, so easy like smiling.

So grateful Dain for You. 

Thank you for being behind my back always. “ 


"I've been wracking my brain about my WHY for choosing to be a Being You Facilitator ever since you gave us the assignment, and every time I looked at it, I couldn't seem to come up with anything that truly matched the energy of that choice. I looked through other people's worlds. I looked through your world. I looked at what I should have had my WHY be, and what I shouldn't. I looked at how my life has changed over the past 5 years and the change I've seen in people.

And when I've finally started looking at it through my world, through my eyes, I realized that everything else I had been looking at just wasn't big enough.

I grew up in a home in this life where my point of view and my world was never validated or acknowledged. In fact it was beaten out of me physically, verbally, and emotionally. I learned to always look through other people's worlds for what was possible. For what I should and shouldn't do and be. Functioning from that the world was dull. I was dull. I was taught not to like myself, to fight for limitation and judgment, to not trust the universe, and to never have my own back.

With these tools I've begun to explore my world. The world that has always been there that I've been taught to choose against being. The world in which I like myself. Where magic is not only a way of life, but just a word that vaguely begins to touch upon the gift my being, choice, and awareness are to everything that is. The world that is everything I've always desired to have and be, that I've always had and been.So this is my why. To create a world where consciousness dominates. Where the choice for consciousness and to be everything we are is a no-brainer. Where our worlds have value. Where the awareness we have is treasured, fostered, and nurtured. Where there is no separation between anyone and anything.

Where everyone and everything gets to be everything that it is.

That's my WHY. To create that. By any means necessary. To invite and seduce the infinite possibilities we be. To choose to have and be the total change and total possibility of the universe. To invite everyone and everything to the party and to have the total allowance that creates all of it with total ease.

There are sooooo many people in the world that have been invalidated, abused, neglected, victimized, and convinced that they are something that they are not. I'd like everyone to know what is true for them and to be able to lose all of those lies if they are willing. 

To never have to be a victim again. To know that the patheticness they've bought as them is only the lie they use to cover up their true power.

That's my WHY for now, and there is so much more."


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The Being You Adventure classes feature tools from the 'Being You, Changing the World' book and the methods developed by Dr. Dain Heer.

Certified Being You facilitators host classes which range from an evening class to a 1.5-day long workshop that are offered live, in-person and occasionally online.