Chutisa Bowman

Chutisa Bowman

Chutisa Bowman is a global business advisor, author and speaker who has spent the past 30+ years working with many top society changing companies and entrepreneurs of our time. She is recognized worldwide as a Pragmatic Futurist and “thought leader” on: strategic awareness; conscious leadership; prosperity consciousness; business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty; and Benevolent Capitalism.

Chutisa and Steven Bowman are highly sought after advisors, facilitators, and speakers, well-known among CEOs, senior executives, and boards around the world for their uncanny ability for bringing the most complex problems down to the fundamentals from a very different point of view. They are the new breed of business partners of the 21st century.

 Steven has held CEO positions with major organizations such as the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance, the Finance and Treasury Association, CPA Australia, and has been a Director of the American College of Health Care Administrators. He pioneered the teaching of nonprofit management in Australia. Chutisa has had an extraordinarily diverse life, from her beginnings in a traditional aristocratic family in Thailand to her remarkable rise through the executive ranks of the international business world to become a well-respected corporate leader, speaker, business consultant, workshop facilitator, and author. Her long, distinguished background includes prominent executive roles at numerous world-class companies.

 They have developed The2Bowmans ( (, Choice For Wealth (, Benevolent Capitalism ( and Benevolence@Work ( as online resources for boards, executive leadership teams and those interested in creating greater possibilities.

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