How Is Access Different From Spirituality?

How Is Access Consciousness Different From Spirituality?

Consciousness is very different from spirituality. Generally speaking, "spirituality" has the point of view that we have a spirit, (some call soul) that is separate from our body, and greater than or superior to our body. From this point of view, it is our spirit that is the most valuable part of us and our body that is considered a limitation to be overcome. Spirituality says that it is our spirit that will ascend to heaven, a higher plane or dimension, greater reality, or greater consciousness and that our spirit is the part of us that makes us closest to God or able to be in Heaven.

Consciousness includes everything without judgment. As consciousness there is no separation, there are no parts, only oneness. Everything in the entire universe is included in oneness and consciousness. As oneness we have an identity that is different from others, or different than say a tree. Yet we energetically are inseparable from anyone or anything. There are different energies, yet everything is energy.

We all have the capacity to function as the consciousness we truly are. Mostly we have been taught how to function from anti-consciousness and unconsciousness. It is actually just a choice to function from anti-consciousness and unconsciousness or the consciousness we truly can be and really are.

As "consciousness" you are an infinite being, who is energy, space and consciousness. That is what makes up our being. If we were functioning as the infinite being, the energy, the space and the consciousness we truly are, we would have infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

What does that mean? You would know everything accurately. You would perceive everything that is. You would always be who you truly are and you could be, do, have, create and generate anything at will and choice. You would receive all that life has to offer, as is; the good, the bad and the ugly would come to you with ease and joy and glory. (Glory is the exuberant expression and abundance of living.)