Will I feel different after class?

Will I Feel Different After Class?

Most people walk out of an Access class knowing that they are forever changed. A doorway to a new level of choice and possibilities has been opened and they are eager to create a life that works for them with this newfound sense of freedom. The level of change and difference however is up to you. How much are you willing to change? How much are you willing to choose? How much are you willing to receive?

As for the clearing statement, you will get results from the very first time you use it to change something in your life. The more you repeat the clearing statement or repeat a process, the more quickly, deeply and dynamically the change will be in regard to what you are using the clearing statement for.

Most people have been creating the limitation or problem in their life for a very long time, maybe lots of lifetimes, so it may take using the clearing statement on a particular subject for days, weeks, months or years to get all the change you are looking for.

How fast things change is really up to you.  Are you willing to have your life change quickly and easily? 

If you could get over a problem you have had for 10 years, in just 10 weeks, would it be worth it?

Change is not always comfortable, and neither is consciousness. What if uncomfort wasn't wrong? What if the consciousness is the great adventure you're been looking for?