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What if only you and your child know what will work best for you? What if you could create the space that allowed your kids to unleash their potential and burst through any limitations? To create the ease, joy, and glory in everything they do and to empower them to consciously take charge of their own lives? Would that be easier than trying to control them and protect them? What else may be possible then?

Empower your kids to be all they can be, just as they are!

Just Released! The Baby Dragon Manifesto

“You, baby dragon, truly being you – sparks, fire, flame and all – is the change, the difference, the possibility, and the gift this world requires.”

In a world that so often demands perfection and conformity, Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin offer a simple yet profound message to young children … and their caregivers: your difference is your gift, and your wrongness is a strongness.


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After having their bars run, many children are happier, feel better and do much better in school and at home. Times that used to be difficult typically lose their charge and are much easier to maneuver. In fact, many kids and teens ask their parents to run their bars... “will you do that thing on my head?”

What if there are no rules of parenting but only possibilities? What if parenting could be fun? Maybe even easy? Conscious Parents Conscious Kids is all about that. Easy and pragmatic tips and tools on parenting, that actually work.

Has someone in your family been labeled with a disability? Would you like simple, practical ways of creating what most have told you is impossible with your labeled family member? What if having ease as the family of an X-Men wasn't just a fantasy but could be a choice for you and them?

Can children learn, and use, the tools themselves?

Yes! How much play and fun can you have with your kids exploring and empowering what they know and what else is possible for them?

All children are always welcome to take the classes as a participant or just be in the class playing with other kids. They learn quickly and love learning and playing with the tools. Children, ages 15 and under, can come to a class at no cost when attending with a paying adult, or at the discretion of the facilitator. Teenagers ages 16 and 17, pay 50% of the full class price. With kids-only classes, there may be a fee.

Also, many of our books are written directly for kids and teens as inspirational stories filled with easy and pragmatic tools for creating ease, change, and possibilities in their own lives.

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Tales and adventures to discover for big beings in little bodies! What if you can change the world while still in your pajamas, or didn´t have to be afraid of the dark?

Explore books, audios and online classes filled with possibilities of creating a life of joy, pragmatic ease and empowerment for almost anything that concerns you and your children!

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The Unlikely Question We Should Be Asking Our Kids Every Day

Tips for parents on failure on KIDSPOT by Gary Douglas, father, grandfather and founder of Access Consciousness®.

“Empower them to get clear on what they desire in their life and then to choose it. When they are willing to ask questions, when you are willing to look at what your choice created, without judgment, you simply choose again...”

Parents Beware: How to Reduce the Risk of Raising a Perfectionist

Guest article on ADVANCING WOMEN by Susanna Mittermaier, psychologist, psychotherapist, certified Access Consciousness facilitator and author of “Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy.”