Are You Eating To Live Or Living To Eat?

Have you ever obsessed about food?

Is thinking about your body something you like to avoid?

Is your relationship to food and your body and eating one of the most complicated, distorted, backwards relationships you have?

It certainly was for me! I tried diets and experts and everything I could find and none of it really helped! There is a different way! You CAN come to a place of true choice with food and have real gratitude for your body!

This is not about finding a new expert or diet guru; it’s about empowering you with accurate tools and information and helpful exercises to step into being your own food and body expert.  Only YOU really know what’s right for you!

This class is designed to assist you in stepping into a whole new approach to working with your body and food – one where you gain control and come to a place of real choice!

Some of the benefits you can receive from this class include:

  • Practical methods to examine and change how you relate to food, eating and your body.
  • Letting go of the limiting belief systems taken on from the “experts” that have kept you trapped in failure.
  • Tools, techniques and clearings that you can begin to use immediately to make the changes you desire.
  • A less judgmental approach to you, your body and eating
  • An increase in the sense of peace and ease that comes from releasing obsession and the need to over control.

Here’s what former clients have said about Marilyn and The Are You Eating To Live Or Living To Eat class:

"Thank you, Marilyn! Your Eating to Live class has been such a contribution to my life. My body continues to ask for more contributions from me, and it has been so much fun getting to be better friends with it and just to learn to honor and listen to it. It's NOT just a pain in the butt, it's YUMMY to listen to it! You are thoughtful, gentle and direct as a facilitator. Thank you again!"J. R., Washington

“I just loved your class..loved the fact that you gave us tools and exercises that can be put into practice right away. In just a short time I learned so much about my food and eating habits and ways to change them.Thanks again!" K.S. Canada. "The Right Recovery for You Program is an absolute gift to those of us who have been in that place where no choice is the only choice you have. There is no need to be a slave to your addiction…no matter what it is. Everything is possible, everything can change. You have more power than you think you do."J. S. Australia

"I am so grateful for Marilyn. I had been suffering with an eating disorder (Bulimia) for several years. I did the traditional therapy route, and while it helped, it only took me to a certain level of healing. I did a series of sessions with Marilyn based on the "Right Recovery for You." Marilyn took me to such a deep place of healing using the Access Tools. I had been working for years on what core beliefs I had, but these tools helped me uncover beliefs and thoughts I never knew I had, and it definitely enhanced my awareness and made a difference in being present in my life (which before working with Marilyn, I was always doing my best to escape being present). Asking the questions and knowing that you have a choice is so different in just knowing why you are doing something (in my case binging and purging.) Marilyn is one of the most intuitive people I have ever worked with. She got to the core of something where no one else had been able to. The Right Recovery for You and Access tools teach you a different way of living. HDIGABTT? I ask my body a lot of questions these days, am becoming quite aware on several levels, and I have not binged and purged after working with Marilyn. Again thank you thank you thank you Marilyn for making such a difference." L. S. USA

"Marilyn has the gift to show people how they are not a victim of anything. She empowers people to look at their situations from a different point of view. When we can look through a different window, everything changes. If you are ready for change, ready to give up your label and step back into Life and the Power of who you Be then you may just be in the right place." J.O. USA

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