Nicola Silva

Nicola Silva

Are you happy with the person in the mirror?

Or do you avoid looking too closely because all you see are the imperfections, judgments, failures and the list goes on?

Access Consciousness empowers you to be the architect of your life. The changes flow swiftly once we acknowledge that we are not victims of our circumstances.

You are a creative infinite being with amazing capacities.

What if all that you require are tools to navigate the ups and downs and curveballs of living?

Like many others, I came across Access Bars while seeking to change a problem.​

My young son had been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Somehow I knew there had to be a different possibility for him and his body.

While researching alternative healing methods and modalities, I heard Mr Gary Douglas talk about Access Bars on internet radio. (It was 2006 and podcasts weren’t invented.)​

Access seemed rather weird but I was impressed with how generously Gary shared the tools of Access.

He didn’t say, ‘You have to buy my book or come to my seminar.’

Instead, every time the interviewer asked him for a tool, he gave more. That got my attention.

Later on, I realised that Gary walks and talks from generosity of spirit. It’s not an act or pretence because he KNOWS that we live in an abundant universe.

What is Access Bars?

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic method, means, and modality for you to change everything that isn’t working in your life the way you would like it to.

There are tools for all kinds of situations because life is not perfect; I am not perfect.

We’re not on this earth to be angels but to explore and truly live.

Beginning with Access Bars, I got noticeably happier and started to like myself. So I went to more Access classes, which empowered me to aim higher and grow as a being.​

Later, I chose to be a Certified Facilitator and share these tools with others. It’s an unpredictable adventure, not always comfortable, yet I wouldn’t change it for the world.​

What have you been seeking your whole life and not yet found?

What can I contribute to you and your body having more ease? Reach out, let's chat!


I was a bit sceptical at first. This has been my 2nd (Bars) treatment. The feeling of relaxation and clear mind to carry you through is on another level.
My life is busy and having a ‘Bars treatment’ (by Nicola) it really does give you a real sense of peace.
Clear the mind, clear the space, 90 minutes of you being rejuvenated. Why not!. 
Brian B

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“Being a lady is about choosing to be everything you are.”

- Gary M Douglas