Dr Carleta Tiba

Carleta Tiba

Greetings and a warm, hearfelt welcome! 

I am here for you, for us, for our world!

I think we live amazing times, even if it doesn't feel and look like this all of the time. We are here anyway so, how can we make the most out of it? 

We are more and more waking up to the reality that more should be and is available for each and every one of us. 

We are able to constantly increase the power of us and to expand the awareness of what we can and want to create with the power of our choices.

We are starting to get that yes, it is more and more possible for All of life to come to US with Ease, Joy and Glory!


Our relationships are changing, our jobs are constantly changing, our relationships with us or with: money, wealth, the planet, the world, the universe, are changing all the the time.

Our perspective, our possibilities in life, our choices are constantly changing and expanding. We are pushed by life to change, to transform, to expand, to become more aware, more alive, more capable.

Everybody and everything is going through change and transformation even if we/they like it or not. The button was pushed. Who pushed the button?

 I would say we pushed the button , together with nature, with consciousness and with the universe !

How can we navigate these times with great ease?

We are given so many tools, so many great and inspiring people to contribute to each of us. It is a matter or asking for help and of finding the best fit for us. Who and what would be able to contribute for me now? This is a question we can all ask from time to time, in moments of confusion, of challenge or even in times of great demands for more in our lives. 

We are  all in this together, interdependent, each of us with our own unique expertise and unique awareness We do not need to do it alone, we do not need to invent the wheel and we can benefit of each other's  gifts and contribution.

My career changed many times during my life, from medical doctor, to business owner, to manger and director, to facilitator and entrepreneur. What didn't change at all is the joy of inspiring, encouraging and contributing to better people's lives, health, wealth, wellbeing, consciousness and happiness. This was the thread that went through all my endeavours and this is what fire me up today in everything I do.

I was and am very fortunate to have met so many brilliant, amazing, inspiring and powerful people and to receive great tools on my own journey. This helped me leap so many times from deep negative situations and lots of limitations into more space, more, ease, more peace and more possibilities.

It is my joy to contribute to you what I am and what I have become, and to assist you in achieving everything is possible for you (which you may even not know is possible).

All aspects of life can be improved and get greater when we add consciousness and we make different choices. A different life is available for us all the time, ready to show up for us.

What is it that you would like to be different in your life?

What future do you dare to dream of actualizing?

What do you want to be?

What world do you want to live in?

Are you ready to create that?



I offer private sessions, classes of Access Consciousness ( Access @Foundation Class, 3 Day Body Class, Access Bars Class, Facleift, A true Lady Class, Beyond Normal Aging class and much more.

You can also invite me in your area and be my host if that is something that you are good at! It is my honor to get to contribute to your area, wherever you may be.


I have started using the Access Consciousness tools in 2012 and became a Certified facilitator in 2013.

I had the great joy of facilitating Access Cosnciousness classes in so many places around the world. I just write here few of them: Paris, London, Vienna, Tokyo, Barcelona, Athens, Moscow, Tokyo, Kyoto, Montreal, Helsinki, Bucharest, Romania, Germany, Rome, Greece, UAE, Egypt, France, Turkiye, The Netherlands, and much more.


What a joy and delight to have met so many amazing people and to contribute to their lives and their/our expansion.


If you want to get in touch with me you can write me on whatsapp at +40729586378 or write at carletatiba@yahoo.com

I am based in Bucharest, Romania and I travel anywhere around the globe!

I am looking forward to meet you in person!

In Joy and Gratitude,


Dr Carleta Tiba



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“A good sense of humor is essential in keeping us sane”

- Carleta Tiba


Meine Kurse

Access 3-Tage-Körperkurs

Was, wenn dein Körper ein Kompass oder Führer zu den Geheimnissen, den Rätseln und der Magie des Lebens wäre? Der Access Körperkurs ist dazu ausgelegt, einen Dialog mit deinem Körper zu eröffnen und eine Verbundenheit mit ihm zu schaffen, die dir erlaubt deinen Körper zu genießen, statt gegen ihn zu kämpfen und ihn zu missbrauchen.

Der Foundation-Kurs

Dieser Kurs hebt das Fundament der Begrenzung auf, von dem aus du gedacht hast, leben zu müssen, als hättest du keine andere Wahl! Er wird weltweit von zertifizierten Access-Consciousness-Facilitatoren facilitiert und ist eine 4-tägige intensive Erforschung dessen, was sonst noch möglich ist. Der Kurs kreiert Gewahrsein für die Grundlage von Gewahrsein, das du bisher noch nicht in deinem Leben benutzt hast!

Access Bars-Kurs

Access Bars® sind der Kern und die Grundlage von Access Consciousness. Sie können der Beginn eines großartigen Abenteuers sein, etwas, das du deinem Leben zufügst und das dir hilft, mehr Leichtigkeit in allen Dingen zu kreieren. Die Bars® sind 32 spezifische Punkte am Kopf, die in Beziehung zu unterschiedlichen Bereichen und Aspekten des Lebens stehen. Wenn Du einen der Barspunkte berührst, ist diese Berührung ausreichend, um die Energie, die in diesem Bereich oder Aspekt deines Lebens eingeschlossen ist, freizusetzen.

Being You - Das eintägige Abenteuer

Willkommen bei diesem eintägigen Kurs, der auf Dain Heers Buch und Kursen „Sei du selbst und verändere die Welt“ beruht und in dem die Werkzeugbox von Access Consciousness verwendet wird.

Diese Kurse werden weltweit facilitiert und können dir eine energetische Erfahrung des Seins vermitteln, die du nirgendwo sonst finden wirst ...

Being You – The Weekend Adventure

What if you could wake up every day with a wild enthusiasm for being alive? Are you always asking for more and looking for that “something” we all know is possible? What if that “something” is YOU? What if you, truly being you, are all it takes to change everything – your life, everyone around you and the world?