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Carleta Tiba

Dr. Carleta Tiba




Hello My Friend and Welcome!

Are you curious about me? There is a story of my life and it doesn't define me and my choices.. anymore

I am here to enjoy living ..to BE & Facilitate more Ease & Joy on this Beautiful Planet.

I am Grateful for each breath I take and for everything & everyone that ""comes"" my way.

It is my Joy to facilitate people to have more Ease with their Body and in their  Life

IS NOW our time to step into the natural , exuberant BEING?

IS NOW THE TIME to stop pretending WE don't know what WE are capable of?

Beginning with March 2013, I have started to make Access Consciousness tools and classes available in Romania, the country where I was born. What a Joy for me to see this area growing and expanding more and more each day. 

I am traveling frequently about 2 weeks each month to attend and facilitate classes and to translate for Access Classes. How did I get so lucky to do what I love and to contribute in this world in ways I never thought possible before?

If you know I can contribute to YOU, your Life,  the area where you live, don't be shy, be bold and send me an invitation. What possibilities are available to be chosen?

You wonder what classes am I able to facilitate in your area?

Bars, Foundation, 3 Days Body Class, Being You Adventure Evening Classes.

Are you looking to explore the possibilities in your life with a friend that doesn't judge you and desire for you to succeed in everything you choose? You may consider booking a session with me (via phone or skype)? Just message me and we will make it happen.

JAnd, please know. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. It is our choice to have it as our Reality. And, it is never too late to start Being You again! 


I am so Grateful for you Being here!

Looking forward to meet you in person one day. : )



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“It begins with being You-Wedgie by Gary Douglas”

- Carleta Tiba