Become a right voice for you Facilitator

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

Are you interested in facilitating others to find their voice in the world? To truly create? To have an ease and joy of expressing themselves?

What if you added the empowering tools of Right Voice For You to your life or business?


Have you found your voice as a Facilitator?

Do you have your voice in your business? Are you willing to be seen by the world? Are you avoiding success?

What if it could be easy? 

Become a RVFY Specialty Facilitator


What you can facilitate:


  • Right Voice For You 3-Day Class
  • Right Voice For You - An Introduction
  • 1-Day Right Voice For You
  • Right Voice for You Telecall Series



What is required to be a Right Voice For You Facilitator?

  • Attend Right Voice For You Facilitator Training
  • You must attend two (2) RVFY 3-Day Classes LIVE from 2 different facilitators (ONE within the 12 months before the Right Voice Facilitator training) - previously 3 Day Master Class.
  • Read Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer    

Please Note: Certified Facilitators can attend the training either online or live without having taken a Right Voice 3 day Class.  If you would like to become a Right Voice for You Facilitator you must attend LIVE and you will have 4 months to complete all the remaining Prerequisites to complete.   

Also RVFY Facilitators can renew their license via Audio Live only once ever.


Yearly Renewal:


  • Be a CF
  • Attend a Right Voice For You Facilitator Training within the 12 months prior to renewal

Would you like to apply to become a RVFY Facilitator?

Find more information on the RVFY Facilitator trainings here.