Right Relationship for You Facilitator Training

Welcome to Right Relationship for You Facilitator Training

Could contributing to greater intimacy and happiness be the gift YOU are?

Have you completed the 2 Day Right Relationship For You™ New Beginnings class and KNOW you are ready to explore more of what relationships truly can be? Are you looking for the resources and credibility to assist others on their journey to greatness in every relationship? 

Ready to step into the possibility of being a Right Relationship For You™ Certified Facilitator? This class is for people who are willing to take relationships to a new reality. 

You’ll take away more than just tools to become an effective relationship coach and facilitator. What if you could create phenomenal possibilities for you, your business and all your relationships?

You don’t have to become a Certified Facilitator to participate. in this life-changing training. You may simply wish to integrate these tools into other work you do, or use them in your own relationships. 

Susan Lazar Hart, Executive Creator of Right Relationship For You™, invites you to use your talents and abilities with the leading edge tools and clearings of Access Consciousness® and Right Relationship For You™. Are you ready to have more awareness, change, and possibilities?

Play with choices that are fun for you and expand your life…add new skills into your established practice…embody a new career path of Right Relationship For You™ classes and coaching sessions.

What if YOU could be the invitation to generate change in your own life and the planet?

Some of the amazing content you’ll receive:
• Learn/ and practice pragmatic tools and processes to use on yourself and clients
• Gain confidence in facilitating individuals, couples, and groups
• Learn how to do a Taster and other RRFY classes
• Explore creating your own specialty relationship classes
• Develop your own business with ease

We welcome you to join us! You’re empowering yourself with a unique, leading edge capacity to create a space for others to choose phenomenal change! What else is possible?

Note: You’re required to take Access Consciousness® Core Classes: BARS and Foundation before stepping into this potent class.  To become a Right Relationship For You™ Facilitator, you must be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. 

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