Becoming an Access 3-Day Body Class Facilitator


As an Access 3-Day Body Class Facilitator you can facilitate the full Access 3-Day Body Class and work with the Access Body Manual that contains over 50 hands on body processes.

Participants of an Access 3-Day Body Class pair up and spend three days gifting and receiving whichever body processes their bodies are requesting.

As an Access 3-Day Body Class Facilitator you will have an intimate knowledge of ALL the Access Consciousness Body Processes and will assist participants with running the processes, answering questions and doing verbal processing on whatever comes up in class.

Apply Here


Contact to apply to become a candidate – this step allows the Body Mob to get to know you from the beginning and be a resource along the way.

  • Become an Access Body Process Facilitator

  • Become an Access Certified Facilitator

  • Become an Access Facelift Facilitator

  • Facilitate 5 - Foundation Classes with a minimum attendance of 6 paying participants

  • Attend a total of three 3 Day Body Classes with 3 different facilitators (Advanced Body Class does not count)

  • Facilitate a class for every body process with a minimum attendance of 6 paying participants - must submit all class lists through your facilitator account and add a copy to your candidate google doc sheet

  • Track your progress through your prerequisites with a designated member of The Body Mob

  • Complete Dr. Dain Heer's Healers Handbook teleseries

  • Complete Dr. Dain Heer’s Body Whisperer Kajabi Course

  • Attend one Body Whispering class with Dr. Dain Heer (in person or online) within the past 24 months or
    Purchase the replay of the most recent Body Whispering class held before the date you become licensed.

  • Purchase and read the Body Whispering book by Dr. Dain Heer

  • Attend at least one Advanced Body Class within 12 months of Co-Facilitating first 3-Day Body Class

  • Purchase the Body Reference Materials
  • After completing all pre-requisites and receiving approval from Body Mob - Host and Co-Facilitate a 3 Day Body Class with one of our amazing 3 Day Body Class Facilitators

  • Receive final approval from the Body Mob and the Mob Boss

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3 Day Body Class Facilitator (BodyCF)

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