What If You Didn’t Have To Fix Your Body?

So much of our interaction with our bodies is looking at what we’ve decided is wrong with them.

If there was nothing wrong with your body, would you truly have to fix your body?


As ferramentas de Access Consciousness podem ajudar na melhora da dor?

Cientistas têm procurado entender o fenômeno da dor há décadas, de onde ela vem, como ajudar na melhora da dor e como mudar isso.

E se houver uma possibilidade totalmente diferente disponível?

E se a "causa" da dor não for o que pensamos que é?


From Rejuvenation To Reverse Aging – Have You Tried The Access Facelift?

Antienvelhecimento é um grande negócio.

Parece que há muitas pessoas interessadas em reverter o envelhecimento. Em 2015, o mercado global de antienvelhecimento movimentou mais de 140 bilhões de dólares...


3 Tools to Stop Suffering Your Body

Are you suffering your body or enjoying it? Most people, if they are aware of their body at all, emphasize the “problems” with it. They focus on their pains, illnesses, discomforts, signs of aging, or the many other judgments about bodies.

What about you?


Change Your Body with These 3 Tools

There are so many tools in Access Consciousness that sometimes it can be interesting to know what to use and when! There are tools to change your money situation, tools to change your relationships, tools to change your mood, etc. And then there is the magic of the Access Body Processes! The Access Body Processes are like nothing else out there…


Bring Your Body with You

Did you know you have a body? Stupid question right? Or is it? How often do we ignore our body completely? Or, if we’re not ignoring it, we’re judging it.