Welcome to the World of Money

Right Riches For You is about looking at everything that is dismissed, overlooked and judged about money. By using tools and techniques to create a different way of looking at money, we can step into a world of being money where worry doesn’t exist… only joy does.

Money does not have to be hard or stressful, it exists to assist us with creating a greater future if we allow ourselves to have that future.
What if what is possible financially is created by our choices and willingness to receive?

What we judge we cannot receive. How much have you judged yourself with regards to money?
What if what is standing between you and your miraculous capacities with money is judgment? Choice is the source for all creation.
As long as you judge you can’t choose and receive what is truly possible. If you had no judgment, what would you choose today?

Right Riches For You is an interactive workshop which uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness to assist you in finding ease, peace and joy with the topic of money, wealth and riches. Have you been asking for a different reality with money? RRFY adventures are your step to having that.

Trained & Certified RRFY Facilitators around the world host a variety of RRFY workshops at different levels and price points to help you experience the magic of what RRFY has to offer. Classes range from an evening to a 3 days long and are offered live, in-person and occasionally online.

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