A teleclass is a class that is facilitated over the phone or via the Zoom platform so that you can join from anywhere in the world. It’s typically done in 3-6 calls, and each call can last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the call, the participants and the facilitator.

Participating in a teleclass is one of the most dynamic and fun ways to be part of an Access Consciousness class without having to travel, or set anything up. You literally call in or log on… and you’re on!

What do I need to do?

Very little! Register and pay a minimum of 48 hrs before the telecall begins to insure that our team has enough time to process your payment and send you the information you’ll need to get onto the call.

Please keep an eye on your junk or spam email folders since sometimes our emails can end up in there. And if you do have any questions please email us.

Telecalls via webcast:

If you prefer to dial in via the internet, then you can do so via webcast. This option is free and all you require is a good internet connection and a computer (or smart device). 

There are two web options:

  1. With microphone – so you can interact on the call and ask your questions.
  2. Listen-only option – which is great for multi-tasking or when you know you’re not going to want to ask anything on the call.

Telecalls on your phone:

You can dial in from anywhere in the world using the phone numbers we send you, we have a list of international numbers* too that you can use. You may also wish to get an international calling card if that’s easier.

*Please note that some numbers are not charged at local rates and may incur extra charges from your phone carrier. It’s best to contact your phone company and check what applies.

How to Zoom with us:


Zoom in from your computer or phone.
Click on the ZOOM Webcast link or dial a local phone number from the list.

When you first join we may not hear you or see you. 

Hover over the Zoom screen to show the call settings, and type in the Chat. We are NOT using the function of "Raise Hand".  During the call, all lines may be muted and you will have to unmute yourself to ask a question or comment.

If you'd like to submit a question during the call, you can type it into the chat OR ask by announcing your name during a pause in the conversation.

Set your audio and video settings on the bottom left with these buttons:

1. Mute and Unmute
2. Access your personal Microphone and Speaker options
3. Stop and Start the video camera. Note: This call might​ be audio only
4. Access your Video options

Full Calendar

We have hundreds of Certified Facilitators that are offering telecall series in their own languages.
 Have a peek at what is coming up in the next few months!