Aysegul Sevil

Aysegul Sevil

Hello everyone from around the world. 

What have you been searching all your life knowing that it has to exist but seemed like it was eluding you?

I am a seeker and have always been a seeker. What I have been looking for all my life was the truth of me and what is beyond what I can see. 

Consciousness and awareness has been a journey with lots of bumps along the way but in hindsight fun nonetheless. My first discoveries came with my "Problems" that I wanted to overcome. It was a driving force to find out more through problems. With each awareness I was both amazed, and at the same time knew deep inside that I already knew what I just became aware of. 

When I met the tools of Access Consciousness and Access Bars® I could not belive it could be that easy. It was such a drastic transformation for me to change my perspective from problem driven life to possibilities. Acess Consciousness®  presents you with tools empowering you to know what you know and all you have to do is; use them and choose. How beautiful is that?!! And what's more it is easy to use in every moment of your life. 


I was born in Turkey and lived there half of my life and the other half in different parts of the United States. Now after 8 years in Turkey I moved back to the States, this time to Orlando region of Florida. I love change and I am willing to go wherever the energy takes me. It never had been a reality for me to be living in one place just because you are born and raised there and have family and friends live in a particular area. Back then it was a struggle and there had always been obstacles to overcome which I thought were making me stronger, yeah!! but also it tires you so much and you keep in a reality where everything needs to be really really hard. So you prove yourself how smart, how strong and how resilient you are. 

What if we did not have to prove anyone, including ourselves, anything? What if life can be ease, joy and glory? That was not something I thought was possible, untill I met Access and the tools of Access Consciousness. 

Now I am a simultaneous and written Translator for Access among many other things I love doing, and I have become a Certified Facilitator in 2020. I love giving Access Bars, Access Facelift and different topic classes and private sessions. 

Back when I thought life was about working constantly for a company and pay bills and have fun in the weekends and holidays and every now and then. Life has dramatically changed and I am grateful for it all. 

What if there is no one and nothing that can stand in front of you? Once you get out of your own way, be in the question and choose you,  it is amazing how life unfolds. Would you be willing to chose ease? Would you be willing to choose joy? Would you be willing to choose glory? Without any reasons and justifications, just because it is light and fun for you. Would you be willing to choose YOU? It is really just a choice. 

I am honored to facilitate consciousness while being on the journey myself. 

How did I get to be so lucky? 

And what contribution can I be to you?

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