Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider - Episode 2

By Gary M. Douglas

Welcome to Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider - Episode 2!

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a remarkable TV Series, starring horse medium Gary Douglas, and created at the request of horses everywhere. 

It will delight and intrigue animal lovers world-wide, particularly those with horses. 

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Facilitator:  Gary M. Douglas

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What is Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider?

This TV series explores the consciousness that horses have and the possibility of riders connecting with animals in a way, that until now, has only been available to a few. It's time that we open up to the magic that horses are for us and that we can be for them.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is an invitation to change what isn't working for you, the horses and it will provide you with a great set of tools to create what you have always known is possible.

This episode takes place in the red sands of St. George, Utah, USA.  In just two days, a violent horse that was unable to be ridden became a horse that likes to play with people and can be ridden, even by children.

Horses are truly incredible beings who really only want to give to us and gift to us in all time.  We need to wake up.

 --Gary M. Douglas

A true gift to animal lovers everywhere!


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