With Conscious Horse Conscious Rider,

you can discover:


Trust: Discover a profound sense of trust, including an unwavering trust in yourself and your own choices.

Presence: Learn how to step out of your head and be present in the world around you.

Leadership: Understand the subtle nuances of true leadership. Learn to recognize how you are ‘being’ and how to create greater for yourself.

All of this, and more, you can learn from a horse.

Are you willing to discover what will work for you and your horse?

To ask a horse to do something you start by matching its zone of awareness and then asking it ‘can you do this?’ by thinking the pictures of what you desire into the horses head. You need to be as fast as the horse. It is always asking you ‘what’s next?’.


What if horses can give to us in a way that we haven’t even begun to imagine?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a series of workshops designed to help you enhance your experience of life through communication and communion with horses.


Is your horse not responding to conventional treatment or techniques?

What possibilities can we create in the world if we start to honor horses and contribute fully to the living planet?