Find a Class

There are Access Facelift Facilitators all over the world that hold one-day Access Energetic Facelift classes. You will receive the process twice and gift it twice.

Included is a manual and facelift chart for you to reference later. Learning this amazing process can add to your life in many ways one being that after this one day class you can run this on others!


Experience an Energetic Facelift Session

You can find Access Facelift Facilitators (AFF) and Practitioners (AFPR) all around the world!

Learn more about the Energetic Facelift, sessions, and classes by contacting one of them.

Find a Practitioner

Find an Energetic Facelift Trade Event

Hosted by an Access Facelift facilitator or practitioner, attendees of this event will both gift and receive the Access Facelift. If you have not attended an Access Energetic Facelift class or Access 3 Day Body class and are not familiar with the Access Facelift but would like to receive a session, please contact the host to ask about the possibilities.