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To attend a POP please contact a Host near you.

Attending a local Party of Possibilities can be fantastic, if you can’t attend the class in another country!

You can meet other class participants and contribute to one another exchanging Access Bars and other body processes.

Corona (Covid-19) & Access Consciousness: Please be aware that many countries have restricted or limited the possibilities of public and private events and gatherings due to COVID-19. Please inform yourself about the rules and regulations in your country and respect them. These restrictions also change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Please regularly update yourself about the current status of what you are allowed to do.

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Not all Parties of Possibilities happen at the same time around the world. Please contact the POP Host for more specific information about:

可能性的選擇 07 六月 2019 - 09 六月 2019

POP 主持人目前不可用。請稍後再試!