Araceli Guerrero

Araceli Guerrero

Thank you, Gracias for visiting my page. How can I serve you today? What else is possible here? 

I was introduced to Access Consciousness in 2007. Since then, I've been utilizing Access Consciousness in my life, on my clients, my businesses, properties, and in life. I have had so much joy & gratitude that I chose to become a Certified Facilitator.

I was born in Nicaragua, I speak Spanish and English, little bit of Polish. I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but looking to travel the world facilitating classes and playing with the Earth.

I also have witnessed clients Choosing new possibilities. Loosing weight, looking younger, career changes, relationships, and much more.... Come and play with Access Consciousness.

ADD another possible tool to your business and to your life by becoming a Certified Practioner of Access Bars OR Energetic Facelift or just RECEIVE a Private Sessions from me In Person or Online.

How do we get so lucky?


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“What are you Choosing to BE, that if you choose it, It will change your world right away ?”

- Stop sleeping and Scream to the world that you are here to demand more of life and BE more of YOU!






Access Bars 是Access Consciousness 非常核心和基礎的工具 。它已經協助數以千計的人們在它們的身體和生命裡改變非常多的層面,包含睡眠,健康,體重,金錢,性和關係,焦慮,壓力,以及更多。透過學習或接收這項技術,你可以完全輕鬆地給予你自己和你的客戶,朋友,家人和同事們你們所需要點關懷,仁慈和滋養。



Access Bars 給予&接收

給予及接收 Access Bars® 對你及你的身體是一個不可思議的滋養及仁慈的程序。你開始打開通往合一的門 - 在那裡存在一切事物而沒有批判。在一個 Bars 交換 & 接收活動你將能與其他在你區域的 Bars 執行者交換。它是讓你固定運行你的 Bars 的一個很棒的方法!


Access 能量臉部提升是什麽?