Costarricense De Paso - The Treasure of Costa Rica

By Gary M. Douglas

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A magnificent production featuring Gary Douglas and the Costarricense de Paso horses.







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Facilitator:  Gary M. Douglas

Format:  MP4 Download

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What is Costarricense De Paso - The Treasure of Costa Rica?

One of the most graceful breeds in the world, discover the majesty of the Costarricense de Paso. A magnificent DVD production featuring Gary Douglas and the Costarricense de Paso horses.


Magnificent, noble, gallant, majestic - all describe a breed of horse which few in North America have yet seen, but is a treasure of the Central American country of Costa Rica.  To describe this breed of horse as breathtaking would be an under-statement, for its confirmation, temperament and movement are like no other breed of horse.

--Gary M. Douglas


Gary's own horse, a white Costarrecense stallion named Deseable, is featured in the image above and shows us why these horses are so special. Not only is his elegant high-stepping gait, strength and gentlemanly character obvious, but he can be ridden by thought alone; no kicking, pulling or tugging required. As Gary says, "Just ask him."

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