Julie Tuton

Julie Tuton

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!®

Do you know that you are the creator of your life, and you can choose anything? So why is it that our experience is often not one of ease, nor joy? Have you lost your way? I did. When I found Access Consciousness over 20 years ago, I began using the tools to uncover and discover the magic and sparkle of me, the being. It was so amazing that I had to become a Certified Facilitator and share these tools with the world!

Asking questions is a great way to start. What sparks your joy? What is it you truly desire? Allow the questions to percolate in your world (don't look for an answer) and you will find awareness reveals itself to you. Sometimes it takes some digging to find the sparkly diamond of your Being, but it’s there! And each step of the journey is so rewarding! Keep choosing, never give up!

Access Consciousness is about empowering you to KNOW what YOU know. To build trust in your awareness. Building your muscle of awareness is one of your greatest assets.

Applying the tools in your unique way expands the possibilities. We are each encouraged to add the tools to what we do & be. This is how so many of the Access Specialty Classes are created. As an artist & jeweler I incorporate my energetic awareness in what I create, and people remark at how different and nurturing my pieces are. Applying the tools to our breakup after a 20 year marriage created such ease for everyone involved, the founder of Access, Gary Douglas, asked me to write a book about it. Beauty in the Breakup is available in the AC shop, my website, and Amazon.

The tools open up a world of possibilities and magic! I wonder what you have come here to be and create in the world? One of my true joys is facilitating lightness, beauty, and expansion in people's worlds. What can I contribute to you?

Whether you are facing difficult transitions (breakup or divorce), desiring a better relationship, have health or body issues, money/business problems, or just would like something different and don't know how to start, these tools allow you to access the energy that lies beneath any issue and change it.

Access also has amazing energetic processes that are so effective, even in one session you can have a dramatic result! I love doing Energetic Facelift sessions, SOP and other body processes to facilitate miracles with bodies! Are you ready?!

Please contact me for details on *private sessions (online or in person), *hands-on body work, *Symphony sessions, and specialty workshops: Beauty in the Breakup; 6 Step Guided Transformation; Finding Your Sparkle; Reverse Aging Naturally, and Committing to YOUR Living. 

Are you interested in hosting me in your area?  Send me a message. Let's play in the possibilities.

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“What can you add to your life that would allow you to sparkle joyfully?!”



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O Fundamento

Esta classe desfaz as bases da limitação com que você pensa que tem que viver, como se não tivesse outra escolha! É oferecida por facilitadores certificados de Access em todo o mundo e é uma exploração intensa, de 4 dias, do que mais é possível. A classe cria consciência do fundamento da consciência que você ainda não está usando em sua vida!

Access Facelift

O Access Facelift é uma maneira maravilhosa de rejuvenescer o rosto e reverter os sinais do envelhecimento do rosto e de todo o corpo. O suave toque calmante aplicado ao seu rosto e pescoço age nas células do seu corpo para restaurar, estimular e rejuvenescer.